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Wales Co-operative Centre
Canolfan Cwdweithredol Cymru

Cymraeg English
Contact Us: 0300 111 5050

Accessibility statement

We are currently undergoing a programme of improvement to bring this website in line with the Shaw Trust's Standard Level Award for accessibility.

In the meantime if you have any feedback regarding accessibility, please get in touch with us.


Access keys

S = skip navigation
1 = home page
3 = sitemap
4 = search
6 = contact us
8 = terms and conditions
0 = accessibility


Text size

The website has a feature by which you can increase the size of the text on a page. At the very top of each page there are three 'A's that users can click on to change the size of the text to that shown.

Most browsers will also allow you to make the text larger or magnify the entire webpage you are viewing.

Internet Explorer: Go to Page (or ALT + V), Text size (or press X) to choose the text size to view, or select Zoom (press Z) to zoom in or out.

Firefox: Go to View (ALT + V), Zoom (use the arrow keys to navigate) and select the option to zoom in, zoom out or zoom text only.

Safari: Go to the page menu icon, select Zoom (press Z) and choose zoom in or out or text only.

The keyboard shortcut for zoom in or out is CTL and + or -. This should work on all browsers (use the Apple key instead of CTL for Macs).



This website has been created to be compatible with Internet Explorer 6 and above and Firefox 3 and above. No issues have been reported on other browsers but if you encounter any problems, please let us know.



If we have used Javascript on a page there will be an alternative so it will still work for users who have turned off Javascript.


Colour and contrast

We are currently preparing an alternative contrast style for those who find reading the white text problematic.




We are designing a specialist page template for displaying videos to make them more accessible than the current format.