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Worker co-operatives and employee buy-outs

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Planning for the future of your business


Employee ownership opportunities for business succession

Every business owner needs to consider the future of their company. Whether it is a family business, a small SME or a large manufacturing organisation, business succession planning is essential for safeguarding business continuity and the livelihoods of its employees. It is vital to plan a business succession strategy that works for everyone involved.
Business succession planning and business continuity
The best people to take over a business are often the people who have a major interest in its future – its employees. A well-planned exit strategy could allow the business owner to phase themselves out of the company over a period of time.

I want to sell my business

As an owner you want to ensure you get the full value for your business when you leave. You may also want to ensure that you can avoid winding up the company or a hostile takeover and redundancies. Employee ownership
  • will guarantee you a fair price for your business
  • allows you to avoid a lengthy business sale process
  • guarantees your business is in safe hands
  • safeguards relationships with customers and suppliers
  • ensures employees can keep their jobs

Passing on the business to a worker co-operative can enhance the prospects for business growth and allow you to see your business continue to prosper within the community.

Buying out your boss – the benefits of an employee led buyout

Could a worker co-operative be right for you? A worker co-operative could give you ownership and control of the business and also safeguard jobs. Worker co-operatives are businesses which are owned and controlled by all the people who work in the business.
As employee owners you:
  • already understand the product and service the company offers
  • already know your customers and suppliers and have built up strong relationships with them
  • care about the business and feel ownership of it
  • have the opportunity to safeguard and develop your own jobs
  • can employ local people and ensure the business stays rooted in the community
Expert advice on business succession

Our expert team at the Wales Co-operative Centre will help business owners and employees with
  • exploring the feasibility of an employee buy-out
  • advising on the implications of employee ownership 
  • securing business and financial planning advice
  • raising funds to make the sale possible
  • advising on suitable business models and legal structures
The Wales Co-operative Centre has nearly 30 years’ experience in supporting business succession planning and the development of employee co-operatives. We have supported developments in a range of sectors including mining, manufacturing, publishing and training.
Please visit the Wales Co-operative Centre success stories page for examples of how we have helped other companies.

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Currently we can offer support to businesses within the Convergence area of Wales through this project:
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More information

Aber Instruments
Founder Barry Wise explains Aber Instruments long term succession plan and how the Wales Co-operative Centre helped the company implement an employee ownership plan.
Watch this video below or watch it on YouTube (external website, transcript available).