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Wales Co-operative Centre
Canolfan Cwdweithredol Cymru

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Our publications

All of our publications are available in large print format. Please call 0300 111 5050 to request any copies.


About the Centre

Wales Co-operative Centre Strategy 2014-2019 

Wales Co-operative Centre Impact Report 2013-14

Wales Co-operative Centre brochure

Wales Co-operative Centre Consultancy

Wales Co-operative Centre Membership

Wales Co-operative Centre Accounts 2013-14




Learning & Skills Development brochure 2013 - 14


Social enterprise and co-operatives


Social Enterprise Support Brochure

Co-operative Housing in Wales Brochure

Research into the potential demand for co-operative housing in Wales (Full report)

Research into the demand for co-operative housing in Wales (Summary report)

Co-operation and Co-operatives in the Development of Direct Payment Schemes in Wales

Co-operative principles

Co-operation: A post-war opportunity missed? A Welsh perspective


Business Succession and Consortia


Business Growth and Sustainability through Consortia working

Successful Succession: Could Employee Ownership Be The Right Exit Strategy For You?

Financial inclusion

Fair access to financial services


Tackling Homelessness through Financial Inclusion (THFI) - Project overview brochure

Tackling Homelessness through Financial Inclusion (THFI) - Landlord Support brochure 


Communities 2.0


Computer Courses near you

Digital Skills for Work

Getting People Online

Help to start an ICT business

Supporting Enterprise

Supporting Organisations

Volunteer With Us


Other publications


Map of Convergence area of Wales

Co-operative Enterprise Hub leaflet

What is a Co-operative?